What Are OLEDS?

Organic LEDs (OLEDs) are part of the solution to the global energy crisis taxing power grids. However, before Margik, there were a number of limitations to existing OLED technologies that made it costly and difficult to mass produce OLEDs.

We’ve invented new technologies that allow OLEDs to be produced at a low cost and mass scale. There’s a wide variety of applications for our technologies from light up influencer boxes and automotive lights to the world’s first fully-recyclable light up business cards.

There’s many reasons to use our OLEDs over other technologies. For example, a single one of our OLEDs carries the same brightness as 4 LEDs while consuming 30% less power. Beyond this, they’re recyclable and flexible (you can actually bend them with your hands).


The Margik Difference

1,120+ lights saved from becoming toxic waste so far.

Margik OLED Technology vs Normal OLED Technology

  • Production Speed Increase80%
  • Reduction of CO266%
  • Increase of Brightness11%
  • Fully Recyclable100%

Eco Friendly




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These are just a few examples of how you can use our lighting technologies, but there are technically thousands of applications.

License Our Technologies

We can license our technologies for your organic LED manufacturing needs. You will have access to use our patented technologies to use them on a large scale.

Custom Lighting for Boxes

We manufacture custom box packaging that are designed with OLED lights. Imagine the look on your customer's face when they see your logo light up as they open your box.

Automotive & Transport Lighting

We can manufacture lighting for cars, motorcycles, and other modes of transportation including skateboards and hoverboards. Our technologies allow us to use unique designs for lights that have not been done before.

Funders and Supporters

We've received over $1m USD in government funding


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