PIXIE Technology

PIXIE, the latest offering from Margik, represents a leap forward in lighting technology. Photonics Innovation for Xcellent Illumination and Efficiency (PIXIE) integrates cutting-edge components to illuminate both indoor and outdoor spaces. This innovative solution boasts a sustainable organic battery, organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology, and flexible recyclable circuitry. Moreover, PIXIE ensures durability through novel encapsulation, establishing itself as a truly one-of-a-kind lighting solution that aligns with Margik's commitment to innovation and sustainability.


The Future of Light

Recyclable, Foldable, Brighter, and More Energy-Efficient

The future of lighting technology means a greener and brighter future for us all. Electronics that incorporate the latest OLED tech will enable recycling of electronic waste leaps and bounds beyond what presently exists. Several functional benefits associated with OLEDs also includes:

  • The capability of producing thinner, foldable devices.
  • Improvements of 11% more brightness than existing tech.
  • A more energy efficient lighting solution.

Intelligent and Programmable Physical Surfaces

The future of organic lighting and organic electronics will include the development of thinner and smarter devices. Inevitably, we will reach a point where devices may become as thin as paper. The research, development and production of materials by Margik is a key component to enabling this future.


Our Purpose

Making the World a Greener Place by Reducing E-Waste
Enabling Lighting Technology of The Future


Argonne National Laboratory

We are proud to operate and test our production capabilities in the Argonne National Laboratory. Here we are able to run a range of tests around our manufacturing, use cutting edge equipment, and confer with some of the brightest minds in the material science space, such as Dr. Jie Xu.

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Likewise we are proud to continuously work on our research and development efforts within the facilities of our founder's alma mater, The University of North Carolina in Charlotte. Here we spend our days breaking ground around new techniques and procedures used to develop the most innovative organic and inorganic material hybrids.

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